Where Have You Gone, Good News?

Since the birth of the Printing Press, we human beings have grown accustomed to getting our news easily and quickly. The Digital Age has quickened the pace and increased the content to where we are plugged into a variety of media outlets all day, everyday. One would argue that we are more informed, more educated, more current with the going-on’s than our parents were and any generation prior to them.  We can weigh in on hot political topics in real time. We can also steer clear of traffic jams, minutes after occurring.

The surface benefits are real, but what is the true cost of flooding our mental systems with unfiltered news feeds? 

When was the last time you turned on a newscast and were met with the latest update on a local murder, or vengeful protests targeted around the President? How about the recent shooting involving school children? I would venture to guess every time.

My stance on news media isn’t that it’s morally wrong, I believe staying informed about current events is important, it’s just extremely slanted towards the negative. 

Balance is the key to health; if you decide to eat one thing all the time, you miss key nutrients other foods supply. If you choose the work an extreme amount of hours, stress comes knocking on your door. This blog looks to address the key ingredient to what’s missing in our news feeds today: the Good News. I look to restore the balance of news, one Good blog at a time.

– B